i want to let things go

what is liminality?

"liminality" is the safe corner of my website to retreat back to when everything becomes too much.

i often find liminal spaces incredibly comforting. places retreat to and get from everything and everyone for just a little. i've always dreamt of getting lost in liminal spaces with no one around but myself, exploring these foreign yet familiar places.

i hope you feel the same way.

02/04/2024 - on leaving the internet

i've thought of completely abandoning the internet and society as a whole, retreating to somewhere remote in a forest far away from human contact, living out life on my own.

i guess i've been doing that to a lesser extent. i've departed and faded away from online communities i once considered myself a huge part of and distanced from online friends. it feels wrong, yet right.

in essence.. i truly don't know anymore. healing from depression, finding more meaning in life, pride, boredom, ecetera... there are so many factors that have probaby made me spend more time offline.

for a long time, i've felt as if the internet was my safe space, my go-to when everything in life went wrong. but day by day, it gradually becomes more alien to me.

i wonder if one day, i will leave behind this entire online presence. perhaps the screen is limitting my true potential. or perhaps it will always be a part of me?